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Dow Park Pool

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Admission Fee

$3 for Deer Park Residents, $5 for Non-Residents

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  1. PA system
  2. Parking
  3. Pavilion
  4. Picnic Areas
  5. Picnic Shelters
  6. Picnic Tables
  7. Swimming Pool
  8. Wi-Fi

Dow Park Pool

610 E. San Augustine

Private RentalsDepositCapacityResident RateNon-Resident Rate
Entire Facility$100500$225 / hour$350 / hour
Main Pool$100425$175 / hour$300 / hour
Children's Pool$10075$75 / hour$100 / hour


Additional Information

Patio RentalsCapacityResident RateNon-Resident Rate
Main Pool Patio50$85$135
Children's Pool Patio25$50$85


Additional Information

  • All rentals are 2-hour reservations during general public hours.
  • Price includes admission for 20 swimmers (main pool rental) and 10 swimmers (children's pool rental). Pool admission must be paid for additional guest.
  • Reservations times include your set-up and clean-up.
  • Dow Park Pool Rentals
  • Reservations must be made at least 1 week in advance.