Urban Forestry

The Parks Operations Division helps to provide guidancarborist in a tree performing maintenancee on the management of Deer Park’s urban forest through the use of the best management practices. Through communication with citizens, employees, and community partners, the Parks and Recreation Department strives to focus on arbor education, tree planting, tree preservation,  and tree care within Deer Park. The Department works to improve the City’s landscape and environment for all to enjoy.

Severe Weather Preparation

Severe weather can strike at any time during the year in the state of Texas. Most property damage during severe weather is caused by fallen limbs or trees. Prepare your home and property to avoid storm damage during severe weather with these tips: 

  • Plant the right trees in the right place. If you plan to plan large species of trees (i.e Oaks, pines, etc.) you should avoid planting them under utility wires or too close to buildings or other structures.
  • Plant your trees so that they have room to grow. This aids in tree health and root growth to stay secure to the ground during high winds.
  • Trees should be pruned regularly to aid in the strong development of tree form. Young trees should be pruned regularly and routinely every three to five years after planting.
  • Remove dead trees. Not sure if a tree is dead? It is recommended you hire a certified arborist to come out and assess your tree's health. 
  • Refrain from “Tree Topping;” this is an unnecessary and dangerous practice. Not only is it easy to hurt or kill your tree, but also when branches do grow back they are not anchored well and can easily break off.