4th Fest

With the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, many cities have either cancelled or curtailed large gatherings such as July 4th festivities.
Governor Greg Abbott issued a proclamation amending his Executive Order GA-26 to provide that local officials in consultation with the local public health authorities may impose additional restrictions for any outdoor gathering estimated to be in excess of 100 people.
On Thursday, July 2, Governor Abbott issued a new Executive Order imposing restrictions for outdoor gatherings estimated to be in excess of 10 people. The order is available for viewing at https://www.deerparktx.gov/DocumentCenter/View/8758/Governor-Greg-Abbott---Executive-Order-GA-29---July-2-2020.

In evaluating outdoor gatherings of any size, the following factors should be taken into account by local officials:
1. The overall number of projected attendees;
2. The likelihood of individuals over the age of 65 attending;
3. The density of the forum and the ability to ensure social distancing of 6 feet between individuals; and
4. The level of transmission in the county.

Taking the aforementioned factors into consideration, the City of Deer Park will proceed with the fireworks previously planned for Fourth Fest on July 4, 2020 at 9:15 p.m. As previously announced, the concert portion of the event as well as the sale of concessions and opening of the Jimmy Burke Activity Center (JBAC) are cancelled.
A live stream of the fireworks display will be shared on the Parks and Recreation Department’s social media outlets including Facebook and Instagram for those citizens who want to watch the fireworks from the comfort of their homes. Parking will be allowed at the JBAC, Battleground Golf Driving Range, and Girls softball complex as "drive-in viewing only."

In light of Governor Abbott’s updated order, Mayor Jerry Mouton strongly urges residents to take advantage of the streaming video coverage of the fireworks display, as opposed to attending in their vehicles.
“I am excited to celebrate the Fourth of July, and I’m certain our community as a whole will enjoy the fantastic fireworks display planned for this Saturday,” Mayor Mouton said. “In light of Governor Abbott’s most recent direction regarding public gatherings, I would like to strongly encourage our residents to take advantage of the streaming video options available during the event. These options will allow families to watch the show together while minimizing the potential for spreading the COVID-19 virus in a public setting.
“JBAC parking is available for fireworks viewing; however, if individuals or families do attend in person, it is strongly encouraged that citizens stay in their vehicles. By staying in their respective vehicles and refraining from creating even small gatherings of persons from different households, attendees will contribute to making the event safer for everyone involved.”

The City is making these efforts to allow our residents to enjoy the Fourth of July in the safest possible way, while acknowledging the gravity of the COVID-19 pandemic – your compliance in keeping this holiday safe for all is greatly appreciated.