Criminal Investigations Division

The Deer Park Police Criminal Investigation Division (or "CID") is composed of dedicated professionals whose mission is to conduct extensive investigations of criminal activity in our community and provide the best quality of life and security possible.

The division is under Assistant Chief Wade Conner and is currently commanded by Lieutenant Chris Brown and Sergeant Jason Meredith. The Criminal Investigation Division Detectives have a primary responsibility for follow-up investigations and, in many cases, primary investigations of crimes against persons and property. The Detectives currently assigned to CID are: Nick Thatcher, Jason Huff, Josh Reed, Lars Moe, and Doug Bailey

CID is also responsible for conducting forensic crime scene investigations and the handling, processing, and storage of evidence and property. The primary Crime Scene Investigator and ID Officer is Veronika Minor, and the Property Room Custodian is Raul Turner. The Deer Park Police Department also has three back-up crime scene officers that are assigned to the Patrol Division.

CID receives valuable support from the Community Liaison, Sheila Plovanich; see related information in reference to Victim's Assistance and the Crime Analyst, Ernestina Palomares, who helps identify crime trends, locate individuals, and predict possible future locations of crimes.

The normal process is for patrol officers to refer cases that are in need of further investigation to CID for follow up. CID Detectives may also initiate investigations. The members of this division rotate being on call each week so that they may respond at any given time. Other duties include but are not limited to: interviewing suspects, interviewing witnesses, and interviewing victims as they try to piece together the events of how the crime they are investigating occurred.