The Records Unit for the Deer Park Police Department is staffed by four full time employees. The primary function of the Records Unit is to assist the public, process requests for information, and retaining departmental records in accordance with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission Retention Schedules.

The Records Unit processes approximately 300 requests each month. Each request that is processed by the unit is compared to the Texas Public Information Act and other government codes, state statutes, as well as previous open records decision to determine release. Some requests for records may incur a cost for the release of documents. Public information requests are typically processed before the 10 business days afforded under the Act.

Requests for confidential information may be cancelled by the requestor; however, many requestors choose to pursue an opinion from the Office of the Attorney General for the release of the documents. During the opinion process, the Records Unit drafts a legal brief to the Office of the Attorney General on behalf of the requestor citing why the requested information is believed to be confidential. The Attorney General’s Office generally issues a ruling within 45 business days. The rulings issued by the Attorney General’s Office do not guarantee the release of the requested information.

Records may be requested using a variety of options. To request records please submit a written request in person, via fax at 281-479-4372, via email, or mail. The Records Unit is available by phone at 28January 478, 2000 for assistance, but will not be able to release information about department records over the phone.

For more information on the Texas Public Information Act, please visit the Attorney General’s website For more information on the retention of department records, please visit the Texas State Library and Archives Commission’s Website.