Contractor Registration

We would like to make working in Deer Park a pleasurable experience for you and your company. First, you need to register your company with the City of Deer Park.  There is no contractor registration fee required. As part of registration, all contractors should also submit a color copy of their driver's license and contractor license (we will be happy to make the copy for you), as well as a copy of your insurance. Your insurance certificate needs to be faxed to 281-478-0394 and must list the City of Deer Park as certificate holder.  Here is a link to the Contractor Registration Form

Insurance Requirements

Below are insurance requirements for contractors.

Plumbers & Gas Fitters

The City of Deer Park shall not register a master plumber as a contractor until and unless the master plumber furnishes proof of comprehensive general liability insurance (including products liability and completed operations coverage) with minimum limits of $300,000 for death or bodily injury and $300,000 for property damage, per occurrence. The policy must be issued by a carrier that is listed with a rating of A or A+ in the last published edition of Best's Insurance Reports - Property Casualty Volume (published by A.M. Best Company, Oldwich, NJ 08858). It shall be the duty of each registered contractor to maintain current proof of coverage with the City of Deer Park. The proof of coverage shall be provided in the form of a certificate issued by an authorized agent or employee of the company issuing the policy that specifies the coverage and identifies the insured.


No permit shall be issued until the master electrician or his employer shall have arranged to carry the following insurance:

  • Worker's compensation insurance on each and every employee; this insurance shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Worker's Compensation Act of the State of Texas (Vernon's Annotated Texas Civil Statute 8306 et seq.)
  • Public liability insurance to the extent of $50,000 for any one accident and $100,000 for any one person
  • Property damage insurance to the extent of $10,000 for any one accident and $100,000 in the aggregate

Such insurance shall be written by an accredited company under the supervision of the Board of Insurance Commissioners of the State of Texas.

Evidence of compliance with the above insurance requirements shall be considered as having been met when the policy, a copy thereof, or a certificate of insurance has been filed with and approved by the Electrical Board. You will be notified at least 10 days in advance in the event of the policy or policies being cancelled or expiring before the expiration date of the license. (Code 1980, 5-256)

Self-Employed Electrical Contractors / Masters

Any state-licensed master or contractor electrician who is self-employed with no employees must sign an Affidavit of Self-Employment and will not be required to provide worker's compensation insurance.


Homeowners can apply for electrical, plumbing, and building permits to perform work on their own homes.  The homeowner must have a Homestead Exemption through the Harris County Appraisal District.  The home must be the homeowners primary residence and the work can ONLY be performed by the homeowner. If the homeowner is having a contractor perform the work, the contractor is responsible for pulling the permit themselves. 

Building Permits

To submit a building permit application for a fence, patio, patio cover, driveway, swimming pool, storage shed, etc., you will need to bring in(or upload if submitted through the CSS) a copy of the site survey of your property, clearly marking the proposed work. The site survey can be found with the closing papers of your house.

Some building permits, such as those for fences, driveways, patios, etc. can be approved on the same day. Other, more involved, applications such as those for swimming pools, new residential buildings, and new commercial buildings will require a review process before the permit can be approved.

Electrical Permits

Only registered licensed electricians are allowed to pull electrical permits and to perform electrical work in Deer Park.  The only exception to this requirement is a homeowner.  See paragraph above for homeowner requirements.

Mechanical (HVAC) Permits

Mechanical permits are pulled by registered licensed mechanical contractors.

Plumbing Permits

Plumbing permits can be pulled by the homeowner or by a registered licensed plumber.