National Night Out

About the Program 

National Night Out is celebrated across the United States as well as in Canadian communities and on military bases world wide. It is a special night where the residents of a community take the opportunity to meet with local law enforcement agencies, meet their neighbors, voice concerns and, most importantly, educate themselves about the different programs and resources available to reduce crime in their neighborhood.

Many neighborhoods choose to have a block-party and/or cook-out (this is Texas, after all!) to send a strong visual message in numbers and resources to would-be criminals. While block parties are certainly a fun way to meet and join forces with your neighbors, we also suggest visits from law enforcement, flashlight walks, and youth programs as some other ways to get the most from the National Night Out event.

National Night Out is just one of many events the Deer Park Police Department participates in, in order to encourage cooperation between citizens and police officers and to provide for a safer city. Proactive citizens deter and prevent crime as well as ensuring arrests, especially when their crime awareness is increased by taking the initiative and joining forces with their neighbors and law enforcement agency.

Sign Up Your Neighborhood

There is already a Deer Park police officer assigned to your neighborhood. If you are thinking about planning a block party and would like an officer to attend, contact Community Liaison Sheila Plovanich at 281-930-2118.