Utility Billing / Central Collections

Monthly Rates

Base Rate: $23.74 (First 2,000 gallons of water & sewer)
Each Additional 1,000 Gallons Water: $4.59
Each Additional 1,000 Gallons Sewer: $4.94

The Utility Department, also known as Central Collections, is responsible for the billing and collection of revenues for water, sewer, and commercial garbage service, as well as plumbing, electrical, and building permits, garage sale permits, and miscellaneous fees as collected by the city.

Comments & Complaints

Comments and complaints about water quality, sewage stoppages, or leaking fire hydrants should be directed to the Public Works Department via email or by calling 281-478-7253. If after-hours assistance is needed, contact the Police Department at 281-479-1511. Comments and complaints about water service or utility billing can be addressed to the Utility Department at customerservice@deerparktx.org or by calling 281-478-7221 during normal business hours.

Disconnected Services

If your services have been disconnected due to non-payment, we regret to inform you that you cannot pay online in order to restore service. Payments must be paid in office or at the drive-thru at City Hall in order to begin the process of reconnection.

Water and Sewer System
The water sewer system of the City of Deer Park is a self-supporting system. All revenue that is collected through water and sewer billing is only used to maintain the water sewer system. The funds collected pay for needed replacement of water and sewer lines, adding new water and sewer lines, treatment of water and wastewater, maintaining the water and sewer treatment facilities, as well as managing future expansion needs of the system.

The monthly base rate for the first two thousand gallons of water and sewer is $23.74. Each additional thousand gallons of water costs $4.59. Sewer billing is based on water consumption and each additional thousand gallons of sewer costs $4.94.