Tires / Oil Collection

Automotive Waste Oil Collection

Disposing of oil properly is a critical problem, and people will probably not stop dumping toxic waste until a convenient solution is derived. The Sanitation Division has solved this problem by providing an additional service to their curbside pickup. The collection trucks are now equipped with a waste oil repository to gain control over hazardous waste, protect the environment, and improve community service. The system is simple:

  • Waste oil is placed at the curbside along with regular household trash. The oil should be placed in a screw tight disposable container (such as an old milk carton).
  • Waste oil is then placed in the oil storage tank and allowed to drain from the household container while the collection crew proceeds to the next house.
  • Once the oil container is drained, it is discarded in the rear hopper and compacted along with the other household refuse.

Tire Disposal

Do you have used tire that you just took off of your vehicle, or old tires that have been sitting idly in your garage or on your property? If so, it is a good time to take action to clean up those useless tires. In Harris County, you cannot simply toss tires in the trash. Under Texas state law and local regulations, old tires need to be disposed of in the proper manner.

Many people simply do not realize how much damage can be caused by improperly disposed scrap tires. When old tires are illegally dumped, they can cause many different problems. Improperly disposed of tires have been shown to:

  • Trap rainwater, thereby becoming a breeding ground for dangerous mosquitoes
  • Release harmful oils and toxins in the state's groundwater supply
  • Become a fire hazard, potentially releasing toxic gases into the air

For these reasons, it is imperative that scrap tires are properly managed, stored and disposed of by vehicle owners. Illegal dumping cannot be accepted. The TCEQ has developed strict environmental rules and regulations, requiring old tires to be disposed of in the appropriate manner.

The City is unable to dispose of used tires, therefore we are often asked how to properly dispose of them.  The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) website has some valuable information concerning tire disposal, how to report abandoned tires, how to get rid of tires that are dumped, illegally on your property, etc.  The TCEQ website provides a link to list of active scrap tire handlers in our area.  Click here for the TCEQ website on tire disposal.