Brush, Limb & Heavy Trash Removal

Truck containing brush, limbs, and heavy trashEvery Wednesday is reserved for heavy trash pickup. Occasionally, the volume of heavy trash will require more than one day to service the whole city. In this case, the remainder of heavy trash will be picked up by Friday.

Types of Items

Items such as yard trash, tree limbs, broken and discarded toys, small pieces of furniture, and appliances should be placed behind the curb line for collection by 8 a.m. The idea should be for easy pickup. Tree limbs should be no more than 4 feet in length and smaller than 6 inches in diameter, and it should be stacked neatly behind the curb line. The city is not responsible for debris generated by private contracted jobs. City residents may also transport heavy trash at the city depository.

To discard refrigerators, please either remove the door or secure it with tape or a rope to prevent children from getting inside.

View the Solid Waste City Ordinance in the City Code for more information.