Animal Issues

Animal Bites

If you own an animal which has bitten someone, or you are a victim of an animal bite, you are required by law to report such incidents within 24 hours. You should report it to the Police Department at 281-479-1511 or Animal Control at 281-478-7274. It is important to get a description of the animal.

Barking Dogs

Barking dogs bring almost daily complaints to the animal shelter, particularly during warm weather when windows are open. Owners of barking dogs are in violation of the noise ordinance. In addition to being against the law, it is extremely inconsiderate to allow dogs to bark unnecessarily. If your dog is barking, investigate the cause. To report a dog which barks loudly and frequently, contact the Animal Control Office at 281-478-7274.

Cat Problems

Households are limited to three animals, and cats must be vaccinated and licensed annually against rabies. Cats are required to display the rabies tag and license on a collar at all times. We strongly recommend that owners confine their cats indoors at all times. The indoor cat will escape exposure to disease and traffic hazards. There are several solutions to cat nuisance problems. Ropel, an exterior animal repellent, can be used in areas where cats are a problem. If the owner of the problem cat is known, contact them and ask for cooperation. If necessary, traps are available. A $75 deposit is required for use of a cat trap.

Animal & Fowl Incidents

Report animal and fowl noise incidents by printing out this form (PDF) and submitting it to the Humane Office. Please read the directions completely.