Holding Facility (Jail)

The Deer Park Police Department Holding Facility has five regular cells and a large cell for intoxicated detainees for a total of six cells. The Holding Facility can house up to 15 detainees for a total of 72 hours before release unless exigent circumstances exist.

Family members and bonding companies may contact the Holding Facility at 281-930-2160 to obtain information regarding detainees, charges, and municipal fines or bond amounts. Bond amounts for county charges are set by the District Attorney's Office and may not be readily available at the time of the call. Therefore, callers may be advised to call back at a later time.

Bond Amounts

The bond amounts for municipal charges are as follows:

Bond Amount
Penal Code Offenses
TABC Offenses
Educational Code Offenses
City Ordinances
Transportation Code Offenses

Bond Payments

For municipal charges only, including Failure to Appear and Capias Pro Fine Warrants, bond and/or fine amounts may be paid using cash, money orders, check cards, or credit cards (Visa/MC).

Bond payments for county-level offenses are not collected at the Deer Park Police Department. Contact the Harris County Sheriff's Office at 713-755-5175 for information regarding payment options.


The Deer Park Holding Facility allows visitation for immediate family and attorneys however please call and advise of a visit in order for the public safety attendant or supervisor on duty to accommodate the visit due to security and staffing issues and concerns.