Fire & Life Safety Inspection

Types of Inspections

The Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for coordinating and conducting fire and life safety inspection services for the City of Deer Park. The current Fire Code is IFC 2012.

New Construction

New construction (technical) inspections are provided for all structures built within the City of Deer Park. These inspections must be 'passed' prior to occupancy. Technical inspections range from a visual check of sprinkler and alarm systems to an observed discharge of a special extinguishing system. Technical inspections are conducted by DPFMO inspectors, who have been trained and certified in this area. See the Fire Marshal Contractor Information Packet for additional information.

General Business

All occupancies within the City of Deer Park that receive regular fire and life-safety inspections, such as retail, commercial, day care, health care, and institutional occupancies. Any business within the city is subject to a periodic fire and life safety inspection by DPFMO.


The DPFMO inspects all multifamily residential occupancies within the city. Due to the unique risks posed by multifamily residential structures, DPFMO has made them a priority for regular fire and life safety inspections. These inspections are done by DPFMO inspectors.

Single-Family Living

The International Fire Code does not give direct authority to the fire department to conduct fire and life safety inspections of single-family homes. However, through the DPFMO's Home Hazard Assessment Program, homeowners can effectively conduct their own fire and life safety inspection. If you have a concern about your private residence, contact the DPFMO Public Education Division at 281-478-7291.

Foster Home Fire Safety Inspection Information

This checklist is provided to specific Family Foster Homes for the purpose of complying with Texas Department of Family and Protective Services fire safety evaluation requirements. This information is limited to Family Foster Homes with not more than six ambulatory children, all capable of self preservation. The requirements are taken from NFPA 101, Life Safety Code® 2009 edition, a nationally recognized standard adopted by the State Fire Marshal, and are intended to provide a minimum standard of fire safety in Family Foster Homes. For detailed information, click on this link "Instructions and Checklist".

The Deer Park Fire Marshal's Office offers the initial Foster Home Inspection as a free service. Please read the "Instructions and Checklist" carefully and make sure all the requirements are completed prior to scheduling your inspection.