City Construction Projects

The following are some of the projects the City of Deer Park has undertaken:

Parks and Recreation Department

Type B Dedicated Sales Tax Projects


  • Maxwell Adult Center
  • Girls Softball Complex
  • Dow Park Pavilion
  • Deer Park Soccer Complex
  • Spencerview Athletic Complex (with the exception of the pedestrian bridge)


  • Plans for the Spencerview Bridge, a planned pedestrian bridge to connect the Spencerview Athletic Complex (Durant Fields) to the adjoining property donated to the City of Deer Park for the development of additional parking and a new park/playground area, have been completed. CobbFendley & Associates provided the design, studied the floodplain requirement, and submitted the plans for approval by the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD). The City of Deer Park was asked by the HCFCD to identify access to the bridge so City staff is discussing the easement with the adjacent property owner to gain and use access for drainage channel maintenance. Once negotiations are complete, City staff anticipates meeting all of the criteria set forth by HCFCD and moving forward to request bids for the construction of the bridge. The City is currently working on providing easements for HCFCD access before construction can commence.
  • Community Center – The renovation and expansion of the Community Center to include an indoor pool was one of the original Type B projects in 2015. However, after review by a team of professionals (engineers, architects, and an accessibility consultant), the key conclusions/considerations contained in the Building Observations Survey report were: 1) It would be very expensive to make permanent repairs to the structure; 2) The City should consider replacement versus repair of the Community Center, and 3) The cost and consequences of disruption of services should also be considered. The conclusion of the architects/engineers that studied the facility was that permanent repairs would be very expensive, so much so that they believed that the City should seriously consider replacement versus repair of the Community Center. Beginning on July 23, 2018, the City Council, the Deer Park Community Development Corporation (DPCDC) and the Parks and Recreation Commission conducted a total of eight joint meetings to discuss the Community Center project. The complexities and challenges associated with renovating and expanding the Community Center and Gym to include an indoor pool were discussed at length. As the project was studied further, it became apparent that the cost of the renovations and structural repairs to the existing facilities, let alone adding an indoor therapy pool, would well exceeded $6 million. Ultimately, the consensus was that the best option was to ask the Deer Park voters if they would like to conduct a new Type B sales tax and use tax election to authorize additional Type B purposes, including the new Community/Recreation Center. A May 1, 2021 Type B continuation election was called at which voters authorized the Type B sales and use tax to be continued and authorized additional uses of the tax to include the new Community/Recreation Center Complex. In June 2021, City Council authorized staff, as recommended by the DPCDC, to negotiate a contract with Brinkley Sargent Wiginton Architects for the design of the new Community/Recreation Center. The proposed Community/Recreation Center complex is currently proposed to consist of 3 new buildings, each located on the north side of Dow Park. The first building (Community Center), to be constructed next to City Hall, is intended to house the activity, program, and meeting rooms, as well as staff offices. The second building (Recreation Center) is intended to house the gymnasium, indoor walking track, and indoor pool, which is to be built on the site of the current Community Center and Gymnasium after demolition of the existing buildings. The third building would be a new, outdoor swimming pool bathhouse replacing the existing structure. The anticipated timeline for construction of the new Community/Recreation Center Complex is approximately 44 months. The estimated cost is approximately $42.6 million. Cost estimates include all professional services, such as architectural, engineering, geotechnical, surveying, as well as construction and the furniture and equipment for the facilities. The City has initiated the two-step process for selecting a Construction Manager at Risk for the project.
  • Hike and Bike Trails, Phase 1 - On February 5, 2019, the Deer Park Community Development Corporation recommended and City Council approved a contract with Burditt Consultants, LLC for professional services in the development of the comprehensive hike and bike trail system. This is one of the original Type B projects. Burditt Consultants is working on project design and management, as well as other services as required by the scope of work for site feasibility and trail master plan implementation. Anticipated cost for this project is $500,000. The committee, consisting of members from City Council, the Deer Park Community Development Corporation, Parks and Recreation Commission, and City staff, selected Phase 1 as a 1.04 mile Tributary B to Willowspring Creek. The contract for construction design services with Burditt Consultants, LLC for Phase 1 was approved by the Community Development Corporation on October 28, 2019 and by City Council on November 5, 2019. Midtown Engineers, LLC, an independent traffic engineering firm, worked on the design, which included developing crosswalk safety specifications. On December 15, 2020, City Council approved entering into an agreement with CenterPoint Energy regarding trail access in the easement, which affects approximately 145 feet of the trail. Proposals were accepted for review this fall. Construction is expected to begin in December 2021 and completed after 120 days.

Other Parks and Recreation Projects

  • The Parks and Recreation Department, in collaboration with the Deer Park Public Library and the Friends of the Deer Park Public Library, are joining the Little Free Library book-sharing movement. Book Houses will be placed in city parks creating a network of self-sustaining libraries to expand the availability of reading materials in our community. This project spreads the joy of reading using the take a book, share a book philosophy. The first 2 book houses will be located at Kingsdale Recreation Center and Deer Meadows Park.
  • In Phase I and II of the New Dow Park Bridges project, the Parks and Recreation Department replaced 4 of the 8 pedestrian bridges in Dow Park with new 8' x 23' galvanized steel bridges, completing Phase I in spring 2021 and Phase II in summer 2021. Funds from a previously planned project in Fiscal Year 2020-2021 were reallocated for 2 bridges in Phase III, which were completed and installed this fall. This leaves 2 remaining bridges that need to be replaced, which are included in the FY 2021-2022 budget. Total cost for Phase IV to replace the last 2 bridges is estimated to be $100,000, which includes materials, freight, and installation.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department worked hard to find a solution to the Drainage Issue at the Court and Theater Building. The project focused on diverting water away from the facility and replacing the glass doors at the front entry. Installation of the new glass entry doors was completed in mid-summer. The doors were purchased and installed by ABCO Door for $16,977. The City hired W&R Construction to mobilize, grade, and sod the area in front of the building, as well as install pipes and grates for drainage at an estimated cost of $23,800. This project has been completed.
  • The City of Deer Park received a grant from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for the future Northeast Hike and Bike Trail. RVi Planning was selected as the landscape architecture firm to develop the design and layout of the trail. The trail begins at Park Green Park and extends south to Runningbrook Park, offering several trail and path connections along the way. Construction plans have been completed by RVi Planning. Competitive sealed proposals were accepted this fall for review. Authorization by City Council for the project is anticipated by December 2021. Construction is expected to begin in the 1st quarter 2022 and completed in 90 to 120 days. The project is being funded with $200,000 from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department grant, in addition to $170,000 from the General Fund.
  • Repairs are needed on Bulkheads at The Battleground Golf Course at holes # 9, 13 and 14. The project involved obtaining bids that included the addition of vinyl bulkheads to help prevent erosion and the loss of greens adjacent to water areas. Bids are being reviewed at this time. The project is expected to be awarded by the end of 2021. Anticipated construction duration is 60 days, beginning in January 2022 with an estimated completion in March 2022. The cost of the project is $27,200.

Public Works Department


  • 2021 Concrete Maintenance Contract, Started: October 2020, Completed: September 2021, Cost: $398,616.24 - The project consisted of repairing or replacing concrete pavement, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters. This was a work order based program, which was used for emergency and maintenance issues. Services for this project were purchased from SKE, Inc. through the BuyBoard Cooperative Purchasing Program in the amount of $398,616.24, which was budgeted in the Streets fund for Fiscal Year 2020-2021.


  • 2021 Street Striping, Started: October 2021, Anticipated Completion: January 2022, Cost: $66,841.74 - The project consists of applying traffic paint and reflective pavement markings at various locations around the city. The streets selected to be striped are: Center St. (Railroad Ave. to 13th St.), 13th St. (city limit to Georgia Ave.), San Augustine St. (city limit to Georgia Ave. and Center St. to East Blvd.), P St. (Deer Park High School South Campus to East Blvd.), Glenwood Ave. (Wisdom Dr. to city limit), and Durant St. (Coy Dr. to city limit). Roadbumps will be remarked on 3rd St., 4th St., Ivy Ave., 12th St., Wisdom Dr., Bayou Bend Dr., Bayou Vista Dr., Spa Dr., Coy Dr., Stephanie Dr., Valeda Dr., Temperance Lane, Oscar Dr., Lambuth Lane, Arbor Dr., as well as intersections off East Blvd. at 13th St., X St., San Augustine St., P St., Pasadena Blvd., and the street light at the Walmart Supercenter. Crosswalks will also be included. The project was awarded on September 7, 2021 to One Way Striping & Signs, LLC. in the amount of $66,841.74 and is being funded out of the General Fund. Work began in October 2021.
  • SWTP Solids Handling Improvements, Started: September 2020, Anticipated Completion: January 2022, Cost: $4,453,685 - The Ardurra Group was hired to prepare the design, specifications, and engineering plans for solids handling improvements at the Surface Water Treatment Plant (SWTP). The improvements involve the construction of several new facilities at the SWTP, including a sludge thickener behind the existing holding basin. Changes to the holding basin will allow the sludge to be thickened and caught prior to going into the lagoons. Thus, enabling the plant to reuse some of the water it loses through backwashing and desludging the clarifiers. The project will be funded with $4.5 million out of the Water and Sewer Certificates of Obligation. The project was awarded to CSA Construction in the amount of $4,453,685. Construction started in September 2020 and is on schedule to be completed in 480 days - January 2022.
  • Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation - Deer Meadows Section 2, Started: November 2021, Anticipated Completion: May 2022, Cost: $565,676 - The project will consist of pipe-bursting approximately 5,500 linear feet of 8-inch sanitary pipe on Oklahoma Ave., New Orleans St., Tulsa St., and Atlanta St., as well as rehabilitation of 15 manholes. This section of the Deer Meadows Subdivision has had several pipe collapses. The rehabilitation will help reduce residential sewer problems and prevent inflow and infiltration reaching the sewer plant. The project is being funded with water and sewer funds. Total cost of the project is $565,676.
  •  Hurricane Harvey, Storm Drainage Projects, Started: June 2018, Anticipated Completion: Undetermined, Engineering Services Cost: $504,290 - CobbFendley was hired to perform engineering services to develop ways to alleviate flooding associated with the 2017 Hurricane Harvey. In June 2018, the initial agreement focused engineering design services on Heritage Addition and Deer Meadows Subdivisions. Deer Park Manor and Delo-Elaine Subdivisions were added in February 2019. In June 2019, the agreement was amended to also include an analysis of historical repetitive flooded areas in the city. CobbFendley reported the findings of their study to City Council on November 19, 2019. The proposed locations are in different phases of the study.
    • Heritage Addition, Deer Park Manor and Delo-Elaine Subdivisions: 
      • Heritage Addition - The project was awarded to Mar-Con Services, LLC in the amount of $1.989 million. Construction began in August 2020 and completed in August 2021. The City of Deer Park entered into an interlocal agreement (ILA) with Precinct 2/Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) to jointly fund this project. Deer Park was awarded $2,047,461 through the ILA for storm sewer improvements, including a detention pond on Lambuth Street, storm sewer and inlets, as well as a new roadway on Lincoln Street. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on October 4, 2021, with representatives from the City of Deer Park, HCFCD, Precinct 2, and the engineering firm.
      • Deer Park Manor and Delo-Elaine - The project was awarded to Mar-Con Services, LLC in the amount of $1.653 million. Construction began in August 2021 and expected to be completed in February 2022. The City of Deer Park entered into an Interlocal Agreement (ILA) with Precinct 2/Harris County Flood Control District to jointly fund this project. The City of Deer Park was awarded $1,005,985 through the ILA for storm sewer improvements, including a detention pond on Pasadena Blvd., storm sewer inlets, as well as a new roadway and outfalls on both Kitty Street and Luella Ave.
    • College Park: This project in ongoing and estimated cost is between $5.3 million to $5.9 million for pavement and drainage items, including land acquisition, engineering, design, inspection, and testing costs. Harris County Precinct 2 and the Harris County Flood Control District has taken over as lead of the project and continues with the study and construction plan development. A budget amendment was approved for 50% of the project cost with Precinct 2/HCFCD through an ILA to be negotiated.
    • Deer Park Gardens: The project is a multi-phased (approximately 8 phases) drainage improvement plan within the Deer Park Gardens study area. The Norwood drainage improvement project is the first phase. The design is complete and construction plans include new storm sewer and inlets on Norwood, and a new storm sewer on E. 8th Street. Engineering and construction cost estimates for this phase are $500,000. City staff plans to solicit for bids and start construction in early 2022. A budget amendment was approved for 50% of the project cost with Precinct 2/HCFCD through an ILA to be negotiated. The project aims to reduce structural flood risk, particularly at the mid-blocks on Norwood Street and Martha Street between E. 8th Street and Marlene Street.
    • Boggy Bayou Watershed: An engineering drainage study began in June 2020 with results presented to Deer Park City Council on November 3, 2020. The study was awarded to CobbFendley in the amount of $84,560, and jointly funded through an ILA with Precinct 2/HCFCD. Deer Park was awarded $42,280 through the ILA. The drainage study included areas in the Boggy Bayou watershed and proposed improvements to the main channel (G105-00-00), channel tributaries, interconnected storm sewer, and the possible construction of storm water detention. The drainage study area project boundaries were the Houston Ship Channel, Center Street, Pasadena Boulevard/Red Bluff Road, and the Sam Houston Tollway/Beltway 8 (north, east, south and west boundaries, respectively). The drainage study identified over 30 different individual options that could be pursued to potentially mitigate flooding, with a conglomeration of several individual options combined into 4 potential alternatives. The solution involves a regional cooperative effort between the Harris County Flood Control District, City of Deer Park, City of Pasadena, Harris County Precinct 2, Harris County Toll Road Authority, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Port of Houston, and Texas Department of Transportation, as well as private facility operators, such as the chemical industry, pipeline operators, electric transmission operators, private landholders and other restricted easement owners and entities. This project will require significant resources in terms of engineering design, overall construction time, contractor capabilities, materials procurement, legal contracts, interlocal agreements, facility relocations, title deed/ownership/easement research, sequencing, cooperation, safety, and cost. Recommendations made as a result of the engineering analysis are being further investigated for feasibility.