Building Department

The Building Department provides services to assure that the buildings constructed in the City of Deer Park are built to the standards of the current Building Standards as defined in the building codes and construction standards adopted by the City of Deer Park, thus giving our citizens the best possible buildings. The Building Department runs under the direction of the Chief Building Official, Greg Melching.

The regulation of building construction is not a new phenomenon. It is, in fact, traced back in history to over 4,000 years ago. Today, the United States is covered by a network of modern building regulations ranging from fire and structural safety to health, security, and conservation of energy.

The State of Texas, along with local governments, have enacted and adopted numerous building and fire related codes in order to protect your life, health, and property. Likewise, state law requires the City, as the local jurisdiction, to provide comprehensive building code enforcement services, including plan reviews and site inspections.

The Building Department uses building permits to manage building inspections and related applicable fees. These are required to ensure that the project is in compliance with applicable building and fire regulations. These codes and regulations are based upon past construction and are to ensure that safe and proper building practices are adhered to.

Many projects besides new construction projects and major remodeling require building permits. In general, building permits are required whenever a building or structure is constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, or demolished. There are some minor projects that are exempt and no permits are required. Call the Building Department at City Hall at 281-478-7270 or email at before you start any work to see if your project requires a permit. Checking with staff first can save you time, money, and penalty fees.Building Inspection