The City of Deer Park’s dance program offers classes for individuals ages 3 through Adult. Our Youth classes from September through May include: Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, and Hip Hop. Classes for Adults include: Tap, Jazz, and Line Dance. All students are invited to participate in our Spring Recital in May.

Class information

  • September -  May
  • Classes begin Tuesday, September 5


  • Registration fee: $30 per student
  • Monthly fee: $35 per student
  • Non-refundable costume deposit: $35 per student
  • No charge for dancers ages 55+
ClassAgeDay of WeekTimeInstructor
Ballet & Tap Combination
3 - 4Tuesday4:00 pmAlice Miller
Ballet & Tap Combination3 - 4 Wednesday5;00 pmNiki Ashley
Ballet & Tap Combination4 - 5 Tuesday5:00 pmAlice Miller
Ballet & Tap Combination4 - 5 Wednesday6:00 pmNiki Ashley
Ballet & Tap Combination5 - 6Monday4:00 pmAlice Miller
Ballet & Tap Combination5 - 6Thursday4;45 pmNiki Ashley
Jazz6 - 8Wednesday4;00 pmAlice Miller
Hip Hop6 - 10Friday4:45 pmHailey Harris
Ballet & Tap Combination7 - 8Tuesday6:00 pmAlice Miller
Tap9 - 11Thursday7:00 pmAlice Miller
Pre-Pointe9 - 11 Thursday5:30 pmNiki Ashley
Jazz9 - 11 Thursday6:15 pmNiki Ashley
Pre-Pointe9 - 11Thursday5:30 pmNiki Ashley
Jazz9 - 11Thursday6:15 pmNiki Ashley
Ballet & Tap Combination7 - 8 Tuesday6:00 pmAlice Miller
Tap11 - 18Monday5:00 pmAlice Miller
Ballet Pointe11 - 18Monday5:45 pmAlice Miller
Hip Hop11 - 18Friday5:30 pmHailey Harris
Lyrical11 - 18Friday6:15 pmKahlan Ashley
Jazz11 - 18Friday7:00 pmKahlan Ashley
Advanced Adult Tap18+Thursdays1:00 pmAlice Miller
Tap19+Tuesdays7:00 pmAlice Miller
Jazz19+ Wednesdays7:00 pmAlice Miler
Senior Line Dance55+Monday1:00 pmAlice Miller