Fleet Maintenance

fleet crew

The fleet maintenance division operates in the background of the city. Since they don’t interact with residents, they really don’t get noticed. However, the job they perform is vital to the City. For example, if you had an emergency at your home and called 911 expecting a police officer to be at your home immediately you wouldn’t be too happy if you heard “sorry, my police car broke down” or “I had flat tire on my way”. Fleet maintenance is responsible for ensuring that emergency vehicles stay in great operational conditions so they are able to respond to citizens when needed.

Our fleet maintenance division is responsible for maintaining all city vehicles and equipment, including: garbage trucks, 18-wheel tractor trailers, dump trucks, back hoes, track hoes, large mowers, etc. along with a very large fleet of city vehicles. Maintaining our fleet of city vehicles and equipment in good operational order, allows us to be responsible with tax payer’s money because, keeping equipment and vehicles in good operating order means they will have a much longer life span, and therefore don’t have to be replaced as often.

The division is overseen by Supervisor Edwin Garcia, pictured below. Along with Mr. Garcia the crew consist of 5 mechanics, one laborer and one welder.   IMG_4583