Sign Permits

Most signs in Deer Park must be permitted, these signs include:

  • Commercial on premise (pole): shall mean any structure..., where the matter displayed is used for advertising the name of any business, or for advertising any service or product...
  • Commercial on premise (monument)
  • Reserved
  • Portable: shall mean any sign designed to be easily moved from one location to another, including signs mounted upon a trailer, bench, wheeled carrier, or other non-motorized structure.
  • Ground Sign (Wind Jammer): shall mean any sign that is created on the ground and is independent of any other structure than its own support.
  • Roof Sign: shall mean any sign, or portion of a sign, extending above the lowest portion of the roof, or erected on the roof of any building.
  • Subdivision Signs: shall mean any one non-flashing, indirectly illuminated structure identifying a real estate subdivision with the City, giving its location and directions to reach it, and which also may advertise the developer, architect, agent, contractor or lending institution.
  • Trailer Sign

NOTE: Off Premise Signs: "No commercial advertising sign, with the exception of On Premise Signs, shall be established, placed, erected or constructed within the city."



  1. Application shall be filled out completely, including signature of property owner where sign will be located. Note: Faxed copies on two pages will not be accepted.
  2. No work will be allowed until the permit is issued.
  3. If the sign is illuminated, an electrical permit shall be obtained by a licensed Deer Park Master Electrician and do the electrical work.
  4. A site plan, drawn to scale, shall be included with the following information: dimensions and measurements, property lines, adjacent street or intersections, legal description or address, and any information needed to determine the exact location of the sign and locate the sign on the site drawing and show dimensions.
  5. Detailed drawing of the sign shall include: materials for the sign, information on how the sign is to be attached to a structure (if applicable), type of backfill to be used for excavation, size of anchor bolts and steel rebar if used, depth and width of hole(s), and all dimensions.
  6. Size must not exceed 120 sq ft per face.
  7. Any sign 30′ or larger shall be designed and certified by a State of Texas Registered Professional Engineer.
  8. No sign or any portion of the sign including foundation, will be allowed to encroach the street right-of-way. Signs may not occupy a safety triangle at intersections that would cause a traffic hazard unless the sign has a minimum of a 10′ ground clearance and the support does not block clear view.
  9. Inspections:
    • Permanent signs may be staked for inspection prior to excavation.
    • A hole inspection shall be required before erecting the sign or backfilling the hole with dirt, concrete or other material, if anchor bolts and/or steel are used they need to be in place for the inspection. Please provide a stake for the inspection sticker.